• Echinacea purpurea or Purple Coneflower
  • Passionflower Passiflora incarnata
  • Evening Primrose "Ozark Sundrops"
  • Chinese Leopard Flower or Blackberry Lilly
  • Yellow Dotted Mint Monarda punctuata
  • Dandelion with a pollinator friend

Yerba Del Lobo

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Mountain Sneezeweed. This Mountain plant grows in moist valleys and along creeks above 6000 feet in parts of the Sierra Mountains, the Southern Cascade Mountains and parts of the Rockies. The entire plant can be used as a liniment for bruised, sore and over worked muscles. Yerba Del Lobo has a similar action to Arnica, but can be used on broken skin. Internally, it can be used in small doses to promote sweating. It is not recommended for pregnancy or for those with liver problems. The plant has a rosette of fleshy green leave and sends up shoots 2 to 3 feet tall with orange/yellow daisy/sunflower like flowers up to 3 inches across. This California Native does well in a low elevation garden. Requires ample moisture and prefers full sun. Perennial. Hardy to zone 3.

Latin Name Helenium hoopesii
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