• Echinacea purpurea or Purple Coneflower
  • Passionflower Passiflora incarnata
  • Evening Primrose "Ozark Sundrops"
  • Chinese Leopard Flower or Blackberry Lilly
  • Yellow Dotted Mint Monarda punctuata
  • Dandelion with a pollinator friend

Echinacea Atrorubens


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This echinacea is a rare species that is native to Eastern Oklahoma and Eastern Kansas. Flowers vary from lavender to dark purple with ray flowers strongly reflexed downward toward the stem. Foliage is very attractive to slugs and snails compared to some of the other species otherwise a vigorous grower. Great plant for the collector of rare medicinals. Prefers Full Sun, moderate water. Perennial to Zone 3.

Latin Name Echinacea atrorubens
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