• Echinacea purpurea or Purple Coneflower
  • Passionflower Passiflora incarnata
  • Evening Primrose "Ozark Sundrops"
  • Chinese Leopard Flower or Blackberry Lilly
  • Yellow Dotted Mint Monarda punctuata
  • Dandelion with a pollinator friend
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Please have a look at our 2017 Summer Newsletter

Welcome to our website!  I hope all my loyal customers of many years will enjoy the new site! It was a major goal of mine to make searching for the plants you are interested in much easier. You can search by common name alphabetically or by category which should make navigating the site much better. There are bound to be glitches here and there and I always appreciate our customers pointing out a problem that may have been overlooked!!


And welcome to another season unfolding at Crimson Sage Nursery!! Our prayers for water here in California have been abundantly answered and then some as record breaking precipitation has the rivers flowing bank to bank and deep snow in the mountains continues to accumulate above me. The rains have continued late into our Spring causing our road systems out here to slide away and a slow start for plants this year but with warm weather on the horizon things will catch up quickly! We have added a number of new and exciting plants this year, including a collection of natural dye plants as we increase the selections that we can offer our wool and textile enthusiasts. We are also offering a new discounted plant set The Dye Garden Set! In addition more plants from Tibet and the Himalaya and a few others as well! Check out the New Plants Page for more info!


There are two new articles on the website as well! An informative piece about Ashitaba, our featured herb, and a comprehensive article on Planting the Herbscape which will inspire you to think differently about incorporating herbs into your landscape.


We are actively shipping plants on Mondays and Tuesdays only to insure delivery by the weekend and we are adamant about shipping robust plants with healthy root systems ready to plant in your gardens. We really need your patience with your orders after such a wet cold Spring. Some hot weather-loving plants are definitely taking their time to reach a shippable size. Wherever possible, we will ship what is ready and backorder the rest, but on smaller orders that is not always feasible. Please bear with us as a little bit of waiting is worth it if the plant you receive is ultra sturdy! Keep in mind our plants arrive in pots with an intact root ball and they can handle being transplanted even in warmer and less ideal conditions because the roots do not have to be disturbed!


Putting your hands in the soil on a regular basis by tending a garden can truly keep us sane during these troubled times. Growing plants that heal, plants that create color, plants that nourish us by bringing minerals from deep in the earth into their roots, making tea from fresh herbs right from your garden– these are the things that make us feel truly whole and alive and a part of this precious Earth that we call home … Happy Gardening my friends! Wishing you all many long days in your gardens finding some peace and harvesting a bounty of medicine to share!


Happy Spring,



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Lucius KayakingThey have been tremendously difficult years since my 21 year old son died suddenly in August of 2014 and working with and being around all these healing plants has helped me on many different levels as I continue on carrying this grief over the loss of his vibrant spirit within me each day. My son was the tech guy for my business and even after he lived away from home would field slightly hysterical phone calls (though reluctantly) of one or another computer based emergency. He would calmly talk me through troubleshooting while sighing in disbelief at my pathetic computer skills! My son wore many hats, along with tech guy he was an excellent carpenter, gardener, Class 5 kayaker, river guide, snowboarder and avid outdoorsperson studying outdoor leadership, but his early homeschooled years were immersed in plants and his health throughout childhood was largely treated with Herbal Medicine. He would be so happy to see this web site up and running after such a long time in the works and I felt like I could not welcome you to my new website without a tribute to my wonderful son Lucius Coyote Robbi.


News for 2016


Dong Quai seedlings The winter of 2016 has  been the first real Winter here on the Klamath River in 4 Years.  As a gardener and lover of all plants and animals I cannot begin to tell you the gratitude I feel looking up at snow in the mountains and heavy rain pouring from the skies as our rivers swell. Even power outages over Christmas, and rock slides blocking our roads cannot squelch the collective sigh of relief to see our rivers running bank to bank and a snow pack that appears to be sticking. Spring is happening here with bulbs scenting the air, perennial herbs popping up all over and the nettles about ready to start eating. We no longer have goats and the goat pen was planted to blueberries and plans for planting out more herbs this spring are in the works. The greenhouse is bursting with seedlings at various sprouting sizes! We sold out of a number of perennials and are having to start from scratch please bear with us as we are firmly committed to shipping sturdy well rooted stock which may mean waiting a bit longer for your plants. Our stock is all grown and propagated out doors or in an unheated greenhouse and we use no consumptive artificial lighting either. Growing our plants this way results in exceptionally sturdy plants ready to plant in your outdoor environment.  We will begin shipping orders with plants that are ready in Late March please email with any questions about your order and Thank you once again for supporting a small woman owned business that is truly a labor of love!




A few Crimson Sage announcements: There was an excellent conference in Port Townsend, WA in Mid-April, 2016. I presented there along with many excellent Growers and Wildcrafters and other folk involved in the Growing of plants in the Herb Industry. It was an amazing conference. Here is the link:




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